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Avatar EEG

Portable, pocket size, eight channel EEG recorder. Avatar EEG meets the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines for sleep staging and is ideal for sleep research. Avatar EEG can also be configured to meet a number of neuroscience protocols that use electroencephalography. Excellent for ambulatory studies!

Introducing the Avatar EEG recorder

The Avatar EEG recorder is the flagship product of Avatar EEG Solutions. It takes full advantage of recent developments in miniaturization of electronic components, to offer EEG researchers an untethered device with which to create new science through pervasive EEG.

The Avatar EEG recorder is designed with your research needs in mind:

  • Sleep Research — the recorder is compliant with American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines for staging sleep and is ideal for sleep studies, post traumatic studies involving sleep and sleep disturbances.
  • Neuroscience Studies — Designed with the investigation of epilepsy, concussions, intracranial signals, and other neuroscientific interests in mind, the Avatar EEG recorder is capable of bipolar and monopolar channel operation, provides over 24 hours of recording on a single charge, and can output sampled data live over Bluetooth as well as writing to a removable Micro SD card.

The Avatar EEG recorder is extremely portable—weighing only 60 grams, and small enough to fit in a pocket. Take your studies out into the real world, or bring EEG recording into the home and view your data live on our Android app! With Avatar EEG, research is no longer confined to laboratories filled with expensive equipment.


  • Access full raw EEG signals in real-time
  • Record for offline analysis
  • Eight channels that can be used for EEG, EOG, EMG or ECG
  • Various monopolar and bipolar reference electrode configurations possible
  • Supports standard medical grade electrodes: surface, intracranial and subdural
  • Removable memory card can store weeks of recordings
  • Over 24 hours continuous recording
  • Low energy consumption for long term ambulatory studies
  • One of the most cost effective EEG recorders currently available